AlinIQ cwi Beta

Abbott Point of Care (APOC) is the manufacturer of next generation with-patient diagnostic system i-STAT Alinity. AlinIQcwi is a cloud based application to customize i-STAT instruments.

I joined APOC R&D team on March 2015 as a UI/UX Engineer for a 6 month contract to meet the deadline of beta release by the end of the year. This was my first experience working in a corporate environment. The Design Specification (DS) for the application were already signed off therefore I had a very little or no flexibility in changing things in terms of design and how the application worked. Majority of back end engineering were already done. I had a functional application to work with. Therefore I was confident in meeting the deadline until I found out that any change made to the application has to go through the process of documentation, validation and verification following the protocol of Software Change Request (SCR).

Depending upon budget time and nature of the project, I usually go though the process of user research, information architecture, interaction design, visual design, development, integration, and testing. But for this project, I did not have luxury to go through all those steps. And it seemed like most of those process were already done. For example, from their user research, they knew that the application will not be used frequently and the application will be used by Healthcare Organization (HCO) managers.

Without wasting any time I jumped straight to interaction and visual design. After many design reviews, the design decision was made.